Short Films



Short FIlm Competition Rules:

Theme: The Road to Heaves – Choose Your Path

Description: Among the many paths we walk, only a few will lead us in the right direction. Al-Alim, (The All-Knowing) has stated that “whoever holds firmly to Allah has [indeed] been guided to a straight path” (Qur’an 3:101). There are many paths in life to choose from that will lead us to heaven, so long as they are in compliance with what Allah has commanded. These roads to heaven are faced with earthly trials and tribulations. Thus, whichever path you choose, the overall steps along that journey are of the same nature.



3-5 minutes elapsed playing time, setup and credits not included


Minimum of 2 participants per entry submitted, maximum of 5 participants per entry


Submission Guidelines:

Three options:

  1. Upload to Youtube and email link to
  2. Send video as an attachment and email to
  3. Hand in a flash drive with entry on December 23rd to the YM Booth

All entries must be submitted by 8PM on Saturday, December 23rd


The top three winners will receive trophies on Monday morning’s award ceremony. In addition, the 1st Place video will be shown at Sunday night’s entertainment session.


Do not submit a video unrelated to the theme – you must stick to it.

Do not make a lecture that spans the entire 5 minutes.

Do keep it halal enough to show your local imam.

Do not send in interviews.

Judging Criteria:

Section A: Technical – 10 points (film is within guidelines)

Section B: Production Quality – 30 points (10 – sound, 20 – film)

Section C: Quality of performance – 35 points (20 – script/story, 15 points – acting/casting)

Section D: Application of Theme –  25 points (understanding and expression of theme)


We look forward to your short film submissions, inshaAllah!


All questions and messages should be sent to